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Editing - Yup it's Photoshopped

Here is an example of finishing a photograph. All photos are "finished" - either by chemicals, by the camera, or by software. A digital camera turns light into 1s and 0s, and straight out of camera would show a blank screen! The camera can convert this into a finished file that you can see, or provide you with a RAW file that you can adjust as you wish. In this case, I've adjusted the RAW file to highlight the yellows and greens of the Cholla and bring out the colors in the granite. The camera could also build a finished JPG file, but it wouldn't have the ability to bring out the colors and details that I was able to do using Lightroom and Photoshop. The finished file is closer to how this cholla looked - glowing with slight backlight against this colorful decomposing granite.

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